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   the PYRED project

Novel bioreductions by hyperthermophilic microorganisms for the natural, specific and on-line production of fine chemicals

PYRED is a Research Project that runs for a 3-year period (01-11-2001 to 31-10-2004) in the course of 5th Framework of the European Union, Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources, key action The Cell Factory (

  IFR Genome :Function , structure and evolution.
Institut Fédératif de Recherche "Génome: Structure, Fonction, Evolution" . Large genomics collaborative framework (Orsay , Université Paris-XI, Gif sur Yvette, CNRS , Institut Curie d'Orsay)

Frameless Collaborations

  • Prof. Michel Duguet, IGM, Université d'Orsay (France) : DNA Topology in Hyperthermophiles.
  • Prof. Wolfram Zillig, Max-Planck Institut, Munchen (Germany) (P. Lopez-Garcia) : Sulfolobus Plasmids.
  • Prof. Francisco Rodriguez-Valera, Alicante University ( Spain) (F. Charbonnier) : Plasmid Topology in Halophilic Archaea.
  • Dr. Monica Riley (B. Labedan) : Origin and Evolution of Genes in E. coli.
  • Dr. Franck Robb, Baltimore (USA) (A. Bergerat, E. Gerard) : Topoisomerases and DNA Repair in Pyrococcus.
  • Dr. Alain Nicolas (A. Bergerat) : Recombinaison Proteins, the Yeast - Archaea connexion.
  • Dr Rudolf Ladenstein ( Cyril Buhler) : Structural studies of hyperthermophilic DNA topoisomerases.

In the Frame of BactOcean GDR (IFREMER/CNRS)

  • Dr. Daniel Prieur, Station Biologique de Roscoff, France (N. Rollet) : New Plasmids and Virus Screening in Thermococcales for Genetic Tools Improvement in Hyperthermophiles; (E. Marguet) Sampling of New Hyperthermophilic Strains in Lake Tanganika (Zaire) Submarine Hot Springs .
  • George Barbier and Jöel Quérellou, Laboratoire de Biotechnologie, IFREMER, Brest, France (A. Bouyoub) : Cloning and Expression of New Thermostable DNA Polymerases Genes.

In the Frame of the EC Biotech Project: Biotechnology of Extremophiles

  • Prof. Michael Thomm, Kiel University (Germany ) (A. Bergerat) : Effect of DNA Topology on in vitro Transcriptionin Hyperthermophiles.
  • Prof. Roger Garrett, Copenhagen University (Denmark) (Y. Zivanovic): Design and Setup of Cloning Vectors for Hyperthermophiles.
  • Prof. Willem de Vos, Wageningen University (Nederlands) (B. Labedan) : Phylogeny of glutamates deshydrogenases (GDH).
  • Prof. Nicolas Glansdorff, Université Libre de Bruxelle (Belgium) (B. Labedan) : Phylogeny of Ornithine Transcarbamylases (OTCases) and Aspartate Transcarbamylases (ATCases).

In the Frame of the Solfulobus solfataricus  Genome Sequencing Project

  • Dr. Robert L. Charlebois, University of Ottawa (Canada)
  • Dr. Mark A. Ragan, NRC Institute for Marine Biosciences, Halifax (Canada)
  • Prof. Dr W. Ford Doolittle, Dalhousie University, Halifax (Canada)
  • Prof. Michel Duguet, IGM, Université d'Orsay (France)
  • Dr. Fabrice Confalonieri, IGM, Université d'Orsay (France)
    (P. Forterre & Y. Zivanovic)

Genomics, evolution, genomes structure:

  • Pluriformation Genomes A Paris -Sud University initiative to promote genome sequencing and collaborative links between university laboratories.

    The project is just starting, but an foreword can be found in Pluriformation page (in only. The page is under construction).

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