Past, present and future projects of the laboratory.

This page is dedicated to various projects, whether of national or international scope.
This is where most of our funding comes from, and many of our interest go to. The situation as of September 97 is as follows:


GDR Bactocean Project.

 A CNRS/IFREMER contract.

"Biotechtechnology of Extremophiles" Project.

 An EU "BIOTECH" programme.

  • An explanatory brochure prepared by the projects managers Dr. G. Antranikian and Dr. A. Aguilar. This booklet is a kind of advertisement and introductory material to the "Biotechnology of Extremophiles" group activities.

"Extremophiles as Cell Factories" Project.

 An EU "BIOTECH" programme.

  • The continuating involvement of our lab in the EU effort to promote Extremophiles research. You will find in these pages the technical annex of the project , that is, the full proposal, as well as individual proposals of some of the contractors of this huge structure.

Sulfolobus solfataricus P2 Sequencing Project.
Public access 03/19/01

Pyrococcus abyssi, strain GE5 Sequencing Project.
Public access 09/13/99

  • This squencing project just started August 97. Informations for this project will appear as soon as first hard data come from Genoscope (Centre National de Sequençage). This is a french effort to promote genome sequencing, taking advange of part of GENETHON 's experience and facilities .

Tanganydro '96 Expedition Project.

Multinational, pluridiscipinary project.
Version française
English version

  • Project Tanganydro started in 1991, leaded by geologists and geochemists, aiming at a better understanding of sublacustrine hydrothermal activity in Tanganyika Lake, East Africa.

    Evelyne Marguet from our lab, participated to the last campaign in 1996, focusing her interest towards thermophilic bacteria sampling.

    The Tanganydro '96 Expedition pages present a kind of personal account of life and work during as scientific mission abroad, and can be of some help in giving a better understanding of the natural biotopes of extremophilic organisms, and the way their are brought back to our labs!

    Numerous graphical and multimedia material. Enjoy!
    NB: Version française disponible.

Supplementary material for published article in : Trends Genet. 16, 533,536 (2000)

Mining Archaeal Proteomes for Eukaryotic Proteins with Novel Functions. The PACE case

Evoldeep project

Evolutionary and population genomics of deep-sea uncultivated microorganisms

EVOLDEEP is a research project funded by the French ANR (Agence National de la Recherche) started in 2009
This project deals with microbial diversity, deep-sea microbes genomes reconstruction, phylogeny and horizontal gene transfer in deap-sea microorganisms from domain Archaea
Project pages are now unrestricted.
Published in GBE:
Philippe Deschamps; Yvan Zivanovic; David Moreira; Francisco Rodriguez-Valera; Purificacion Lopez-Garcia
Pangenome evidence for extensive inter-domain horizontal transfer affecting lineage-core and shell genes in uncultured planktonic Thaumarchaeota and Euryarchaeota
Genome Biology and Evolution 2014; doi: 10.1093/gbe/evu127
Abstract: http://gbe.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/abstract/evu127? ijkey=j1xJIn7qlzlDtz9&keytype=ref
PDF: http://gbe.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/reprint/evu127? ijkey=j1xJIn7qlzlDtz9&keytype=ref

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