Biology of

In the Framework
of the BIOTECH Programme
of European Union

This brochure has been issued to expain and present the various activities of the 39 European laboratories involved in the BIOTECH "Biology of Extremophiles" programme, funded by the European Union during the 1993-1996 period.
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Intro 1

Intro 2


Biotopes Phylogeny 1

Biotopes Phylogeny 2

Biotopes Phylogeny 3

Biotopes Phylogeny 4


Discovery 1

Discovery 2


Fermentation 1

Fermentation 2


Temp Cluster 1

Temp Cluster 2

Temp Cluster 3

Temp Cluster 4


pH Cluster 1

pH Cluster 2


Salt Cluster 1

Salt Cluster 2


Biotechnology Applications 1

Biotechnology Applications 2


Leaders 1

Leaders 2

Leaders 3

Leaders 4


Industry Platform 1

Industry Platform 2


Programme Implementation 1

Programme Implementation 2

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