Thermococcus gammatolerans
Genome Sequencing Project

a joint project by:

LBMGE IGM, Orsay France
EAN IGM, Orsay France

Thermococcus gammatolerans : 03/04


Wild type strain
Sequence length : 2045438 nt (rev1)
One circular chromosome
Sequence revision 1: 11/04
Sequence GC content :54%

Last modification: Monday July 09 17:47:08 2012




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Annotation Database

search currently available annotations and more in Thermococcus gammatolerans database

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Complete Annotations

complete annotation data

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Matched Database Search Form

complete orfs hits in public ressources (1)

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Kegg Pathways Database

data display by pathway maps, genes and KEGG entries (2)

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Cd ++ Transcriptome

mining tools and motifs search for Cd++ transcriptome data

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Gamma-Irradiation Transcriptome

mining tools for gamma-Irradiation transcriptome data

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Blast search

blast in T. gammatolerans sequence databases

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Genome Guts

retrieve genome sequences and inner parts

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Genome nucleotidic sequence

retrieve complete genome sequence (revision 0)

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Orfs sequence (amino) [TGAM_ORF0 database]

retrieve orfs sequences ( >= 30 aa )

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  Genes sequence (amino) [TGAM_CDS1 database] retrieve all T. gammatolerans gene sequences open access


Orfs sequence (nucleic)

retrieve orfs sequences ( >= 90 nt ) 

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  Gene Nomenclature Cross Reference text processing utility for gene renumbering open access
  Functional categories overview Complete T. gammatolerans functional categories overview (genome clickable map) open access
  COG categories exploration T. gammatolerans COG functional categories accessible via tree-based navigation interface open access
  Tgam clone library T. gammatolerans 75, 10 and 3 kb genomic clones library deployment open access
  -(1) Similarity in GenBank NR protein sequence database (Jan 19, 2004); Similarity in SWISSPROT protein sequence database ( release 41.O); Pattern matches in Pfam (version 8) database using HMMER; Similarity in COG + KOG (7 eukaryal genomes) with function prediction; Hits in CDD (rpsBlast) : CDD.v.2.10; COG.v.1.0; KOG.v.1.0; Pfam.v.11.0; SMART.v4.0 ; Hits in InterPro (Interproscan) : INTERPRO v.12.1 ; PRINTS v.38.0 ; PROSITE v.19.10 ; PFAM v.19.0 ; PRODOM v.2004.1 ; SMART v.5.0 ; TIGRFAMs v.4.2 ; GO v.N/A ; SSF v.1.65 ; PIRSF v.2.68 ; GENE3D v.3.0 ; PANTHER v.6.0 ;; Transmembrane regions (modhmm0.91)
T. gammatolerans genes were blasted vs database at 3 different similarity levels to allow reconstruction of various pathways


Problems/Questions: yvan.zivanovic@igmors.u-psud.fr