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Yvan Zivanovic

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  I started working in the Molecular Biology of Extremophiles Laboratory, located in Orsay, near Paris, in September 1992 shortly after Pr. Patrick Forterre offered me the opportunity to lead a project aiming at the design and setup of the first cloning vector for hyperthermophilic Archeae, a set of fascinating microorganisms recently discovered in various extreme biototopes, beeing able to live at temperatures as high as 100*C. This was a long-term challenge, as the background was rather scarce in the lab, and I had to setup various facilities for the peculiar growth conditions of these hyperthermophilic and anaerobic microbes. My previous expertise was rather different from microbiology and hyperthermophily in general, as I spent 8 years in Dr. Ariel Prunell's laboratory (Institut Jacques Monod,Paris), working on DNA structure and conformation in the eucaryotic nucleosome. This led me to a good understanding of DNA topology and supercoiling problems, a field of long standing interest for Patrick. This common ground facilitated my adaptation to the "extreme" living conditions of the lab.

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My CV can be found here.
You may also have a look on a poster displayed by myself and other members of the lab during the " First Internationnal Congress on Hyperthermophiles ", held in Estoril 2-6 June 96, Portugal.
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