International Summer School

   From Genome to Life:

    Structural, Functional and Evolutionary approaches





Université de Corse
Pascal Paoli

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	The general organisation of the school will be made by a group of co-ordinators in Orsay, assisted by two other
groups, that of Dr. Bernard Dujon (Pasteur Institute, Paris) and Dr. André Goffeau (ENS, Paris). These groups are assited by a
scientific committee who is especially in charge of the programme of the school, invited lecturers, and participants,
and by the local organizers in the Scientific Institute of Cargese, in charge of lodging, material organization, budget,
travels etc...
	The organisation of the school will ensure maximal interactions between young researchers and senior scientists by
the following dispositions :
- The first favourable element is the place where the school is organized, confined between sea and montains of Corsica.
This place will naturally incite participants to remain together.
- After each lecture, enough time will be allowed for discussions, and lecturers are invited to stimulate discussions
during their session and all along the school. Because of the diversity of topics, there will be always a majority of
non-specialists in the audience for a given topic, so that  juniors (and seniors) feel more easy to ask questions.
	A typical day will be scheduled as follows :
the morning will be devoted to 2 to 4 conferences, each of them giving essential information on a given topic. Each
lecturer will animate discussions that can be prolonged during lunch (lunch is served just outside the conference room).
In the afternoon, each lecturer is in charge of the organization of his own session on the topic presented in the
morning. In each afternoon session (2 to 4), a small group of participants, juniors and seniors will make a short
presentation on a precise point. This allows that almost all attendees actively participate. 
Please note that no poster session is schedulled during the meeting, nor specific poster diplay area.
In general, lecturers are invited to be present all along the summer school.


	The school will take place at the Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse in Corsica, France. The Institute is under
the responsability of CNRS and Université de Nice. The staff in charge of the Institute is Dr. Dubois-Violette, director, who is 
a physicist in Orsay, and three persons in site all along the year, Mrs. Brigitte Cassegrain , Chantal Ariano and Mr. Pierre Eric Grossi. The Institute of Cargese can host up to 100 participants in an amphitheater and two other rooms for poster presentations or round tables. The Institute is located at a few steps of the sea, in a quiet environment, about 20 min. walking from the village : this environment is particularly favourable to promote structuration of the group of participants, and informal discussions. It has been an important factor for the success of schools organized in this place. Despite the relative isolation, the Institute is only 45 km from Ajaccio airport, so thet the transit is easy. Lodging of the participants is organized in different nearby hotels and rented appartments in the village. Lunches and breaks are organized on the site of the Institute, usually outside, in from of the sea, which again incite participants to exchanges. IES of Cargese is fully equiped with the necessary equipment and computer infrastructure and provides the following facilities: 4 overhead projectors 1 slides projector 2 video projectors (VGA, SXGA, S-Video, BNC) 2 video cameras 1 video tape recorder Pal-Secam-NTSC 1 laptop computer dedicated to video projectors (with Powerpoint, CD & floppy drives) 12 PC desk computers with Office Pack 4 Windows 98 8 Windows XP 1 ZIP drive for PC 1 CD writer 4 SUN stations/Solaris Unix 2 Macintoshs Office Pack installed 2 laser printers 1 internet modem connexion (256 kbps) A web site provides more informations on the Institute : Other sites for organizing your stay in Corsica: Office du tourisme de Cargese - Corse - Korsika - Corsica - La Corse, history - Scuba diving -


 	In most cases, the easiest way to come to Cargese is to fly to Ajaccio. The cheapest tickets are usually obtained by
buying a round trip ticket from your departing city to Ajaccio. 
  	It is also possible to come by boat either :
from France (SNCM , Corsica Ferries). Departures are from  Marseilles, Nice and Toulon.
or from Italy (Corsica Ferries).  Departures are from Genova.
  	We will run Shuttle buses between the Ajaccio airport and the Institute on the days of arrival and departure. 
2 bus shuttles are envisaged on Monday July, 15 : one in early afternoon for attendees arriving with morning fligths, and another in 
the evening for  later flights.
            Please make your travel arrangements as soon as possible once your application has been accepted, as many flights  and
 boats are full long in advance at this time of the year.  Keep us informed as soon as possible, so that we can manage better shuttle schedules.


Home Page Photo Gallery Abstracts Lecturers Sessions  
Programme Participants Scientific Content Aim of the School Practical Information (Staff only)