Bacteriophage T5
Genome Sequencing Project

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Transports Membranaires de Macromolécules, IBBMC Orsay France
LBMGE IGM, Orsay France
EAN IGM, Orsay France

T5 st0 mutant + wt insertion: sequence finished 02/04


  • 121446 bp total length : 113238 nt strain st0 deletion mutant + 8208 bp insertion from wt strain HER28 (Reference Center For Bacterial Viruses, Laval University, Quebec, Canada)

    GenBank accession numbers: AY692264 (st0 mutant) and AY734508 (wt insertion)

Last modification: Wednesday September 10 17:44:20 2008



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Bacteriophage T5

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Additionally display alignment of 2 other bacteriophage T5 strains
(GenBank acc.: AY543070 & AY587007)


Annotation finished
GenBank acc #:
AY692264 (113238 nt st0 mutant)
AY734508 (8208 nt wt insertion)

 Wild type strain
reconstructed sequence
Sequence revision 6


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  • Similarity in GenBank NR protein sequence database (Jan 19, 2004)
  • Similarity in SWISSPROT protein sequence database ( release 41.O)
  • Pattern matches in Pfam (version 8) database using HMMER
  • Similarity in COG + KOG (7 eukaryal genomes) with function prediction


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T5 nucleotidic sequence = final sequence (revision 5)


T5 orfs ( > 30 aa ) 


T5 orfs - nucleic ( > 90 nt ) 


T5 repeats page - Exact direct and inverted repeats in T5 genome - Minimun size = 10nt //Direct sequence access



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