Sulfolobus solfataricus P2 complete genome sequencing project

Homed at LBMGE Orsay, France


Proteases and protein modification

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Gene #  Gene Name  Description                                             EC number Coding type          Optional coding type
SSO0010            X-pro aminopeptidase                                              Proteases            
SSO0098            Methionine aminopeptidase 2                    Proteases            
SSO0271            AAA family ATPase                                                 Proteases            Cell division
SSO0278            Proteasome subunit                             Proteases            
SSO0363 pepQ       Prolidase (Xaa-Pro dipeptidase)                 Proteases            
SSO0660 tldD       Zn-dependent protease, tldD protein homolog, putative             Proteases            
SSO0661 tldE       Zn-dependent protease, tldE protein homolog, putative             Proteases            
SSO0738            Proteasome subunit                             Proteases            
SSO0766            Proteasome subunit                             Proteases            
SSO1067            Intracellular proteinase                                3.2.-.-   Proteases            
SSO1141            Protease related protein                                          Proteases            
SSO1355 cpsA-1     Thermostable carboxypeptidase                           3.4.17.-  Proteases            
SSO1419 apeH-1     Acylaminoacyl-peptidase, putative               Proteases            
SSO1465 pcp        Pyrrolidone carboxylate peptidase               Proteases            
SSO1607 pcp-like   Pyrrolidone-carboxylate peptidase, putative                       Proteases            
SSO1759            Protease, putative                                      3.4.-.-   Proteases            
SSO1811 pepQ-like1 Prolidase (Xaa-Pro dipeptidase)                 Proteases            
SSO1864            Microsomal dipeptidase                         Proteases            
SSO1886            Thermopsin precursor, probable                 Proteases            
SSO1952 cpsA-2     Thermostable carboxypeptidase                           3.4.17.-  Proteases            
SSO2015            Protease, putative                                      3.4.-.-   Proteases            
SSO2037            Thermopsin precursor, probable                 Proteases            
SSO2040 pepQ-like2 Prolidase (Xaa-Pro dipeptidase)                 Proteases            
SSO2045            Protease                                                          Proteases            
SSO2088            Peptidase, putative                                               Proteases            
SSO2098 tri        Tricorn protease                                        3.4.21.-  Proteases            
SSO2141 apeH-2     Acylaminoacyl-peptidase, putative               Proteases            
SSO2154            Tricorn protease interacting factor F2                  3.4.11.-  Proteases            
SSO2181            Peptidase related protein                                         Proteases            
SSO2194            Thermopsine precursor related protein          Proteases            
SSO2527 pepQ-like3 Prolidase (Xaa-Pro dipeptidase)                 Proteases            
SSO2551            Serine protease, subtilase family, putative                       Proteases            
SSO2612            HtrA like serine protease (periplasmic)                 3.4.21.-  Proteases            
SSO2675            Tricorn protease interacting factor F3                  3.4.11.-  Proteases            
SSO2693 apeH-3     Acylaminoacyl-peptidase, putative               Proteases            
SSO3105            Thermostable carboxypeptidase 1                Proteases            
SSO3115            Tricorn protease interacting factor F1                  3.4.11.-  Proteases            
SSO0082            N-terminal acetyltransferase complex ard1 subunit Protein modification 
SSO0427            Protein L-isoaspartate methyltransferase                          Protein modification 
SSO0433            O-sialoglycoprotein endopeptidase              Protein modification 
SSO0434            O-sialoglycoprotein endopeptidase              Protein modification 
SSO2708            Hydrogenase expression/formation factor related protein           Protein modification