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fuzzpro/fuzznuc/fuzztran: emboss prosite-style pattern search in amino/nucleic sequences

Fuzz-pro/nuc/tran uses PROSITE style patterns to search protein sequences.
Patterns are specifications of a (typically short) length of sequence to be found. They can specify a search for an exact sequence or they can allow various ambiguities, matches to variable lengths of sequence and repeated subsections of the sequence.

The standard IUPAC one-letter codes for the amino acids are used. The symbol 'x' is used for a position where any amino acid is accepted. Ambiguities are indicated by listing the acceptable amino acids for a given position, between square parentheses '[ ]'. For example: [ALT] stands for Ala or Leu or Thr. Ambiguities are also indicated by listing between a pair of curly brackets '{ }' the amino acids that are not accepted at a given position. For example: {AM} stands for any amino acid except Ala and Met. Each element in a pattern is separated from its neighbor by a '-'. (Optional in fuzzpro). Repetition of an element of the pattern can be indicated by following that element with a numerical value or a numerical range between parenthesis. Examples: x(3) corresponds to x-x-x, x(2,4) corresponds to x-x or x-x-x or x-x-x-x. When a pattern is restricted to either the N- or C-terminal of a sequence, that pattern either starts with a '<' symbol or respectively ends with a '>' symbol. A period ends the pattern. (Optional in fuzzpro). For example, [DE](2)HS{P}X(2)PX(2,4)C

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